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Founded December 2000
His Work In Progress (HWIP)
501 c3
"Sharing Treasures - Providing Hope"
His Work in Progress is a humanitarian
 organization dedicated to alleviate the plight of those in war torn and impoverished areas. Through Medical and Humanitarian missions, along with shipments of supplies, we bring hope and put a smile back on the faces of those that feel nothing but despair.  Combining the efforts of Clergy and laity alike, everyone from Doctors, teachers, business leaders and school students, has the ability to change the life of a person in need. This is what it means to love your neighbor.

Mr. L.H. Bayley once stated “You can’t just help the world to heal one kind of pain. You’ve got to help the world to heal all kinds of pain.”

This statement mirrors the approach His Work in Progress employs. When we travel to foreign countries and listen to the people in need their mental, spiritual and physical needs vary. Over the past fifteen years, we have developed an understanding on how to inspire those we serve. Clearly, all of us cannot solve all of the world’s problems, no one can. However, His Work in Progress can perform little acts of kindness exceptionally thereby providing hope via sharing our treasures. This has been the successful approach we employ in our interactions with the needy. Our measuring stick is the repeated warm smiles we receive year after year.

Trips often combine two distinct projects. A medical triage for the medical professionals caring for the locals and their illnesses.

The nonmedical professional projects are the distribution of food, clothing, bicycles and other supplies. Many want to make a difference and have a sense of purpose in their own little way but do not have the organization to do so and we have successfully provided that possibility for them.

Child outside of Prenj, Bosnia
Letter of Recommendation   Archdiocese of Philadelphia 
 News Release:
Terry Tormey Named to His Work in Progress Board-
Dr. Paul Pascarella Named to His Work In Progress Board-


Peru Medical Mission July 2013




Our medical director has concurred that a medical mission to the outskirts of Lima Peru will be on the travel agenda for late JULY 2013.  Details to follow as more information becomes available

All interested medical personnel should contact HWIP immediately at wjmiller@hwip.org  with your name, mailing address, contact number and discipline.


Space is limited so act now to place your name on the waiting list. You will be notified  for a conference call to discuss the weeks activities in Peru and answer any outstanding questions.

Duration: 1 week

Subject line:  PERU.

 Please indicate your specialty if appropriate.

Note: From Ministry in Peru

"in general international surgical missions require the Ministry of Health approval. Keep in mind that temporary licenses for physicians and nurses must be issued by the Peru Medical Association and Peru Nursing Association months ahead of time.”

Uganda 2015

Displaying Uganda-Rwanda 2014 239-1.jpg

More request have reach headquarters

We have a creative source that is making dresses from pillow cases for the children of Uganda! HWIP will be receiving the patterns and will share if you are interested and enjoy sewing for a great cause. Simply email us at wjmiller@hwip.org subject matter pillow case dresses.

Requests continue to roll in for school supplies. I am told from a religious teacher that paper, notebooks pens and pencils rulers are in very short supply. Our "Pedals Around the World" bicycle program, providing simple transportation is always requested. The complicated delivery process is being studied for greater impact. However, we know that bicycles can be purchased in country for a reasonable cost. Villagers know that there is work at distant locations but it is more than a days walk. This is a noble effort should you decide to assist H.W.I.P in providing for the transportation via bicycles for those who are eager to work to provide for their family. Please donate today.

Via courier we are able to supply shoes and religious articles to Uganda. These same couriers have made this plea you have just read. Know that you can help a family be self sustaining through your donation. 

Thank you in advance.

Walter J. Miller

Peru Medical Mission Volunteers
Huaycon, Peru 


Maria Esperanza

Note Worthy

His Work in Progress has been approved by the Archbishop of Philadelphia the most reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. in the year 2012! This approval is a continuation of the recognition of the humanitarian work of His Work in Progress. (H.W.I.P.0 previously received recognition by the former Archbishop of Philadelphia,  Cardinal Justin Rigali and we are honored to once again receive this approval and recognition.

Future Missions in 2016

Join us on Monday October 2 as we travel to Medjugorje in Herzegovina ( Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Simply Email your interest to wjmiller@hwip.org Stay posted for more target dates and trip information.

Peru Medical Mission 2013 


850 patients were cared for in five days. Below is the summary of experiences by the local Peruvian volunteers that worked with the Sister of Charity / better known as Mother Theresa order.

 Millie Chang MD. My experience with HWIP

Peru is a developing country with a fantastic cultural background, wonderful landscapes and delicious typical food that can make any person feel like heaven. Unfortunately, as a developing country, the situation in health care providing is neglected and many people are poor and need our help to get medical attention. Being a medical physician in Peru can be very hard sometimes, because you wish to do so much more than what is in your hands but eventually you understand and learn that just by talking to them you are doing a lot. Working with HWIP gave me the opportunity to give back to my community. Not only by helping people in need but also comfort them and bring a little bit of joy in their day. I have met a wonderful team but especially great persons with a very beautiful soul that spread the words of God and heal with their touch. I am very thankful having this opportunity and I would love to join them again. It was very gratifying doing this for my community and also sharing this with this wonderful people.Summary of general medical findings:

I have probably seen around 20-30 people each day I helped in HWIP. The most frequent chief complaint was pain. There were many elderly people in the group of patients that live with osteoporosis or arthritis and they cannot see a specialist because they cannot afford for one. The only help we could provide was some pain medications and emphasize them to see a specialist that can relief and follow better their disease.

I had the opportunity to meet an old lady that had fever, chills and complains about urinary symptoms for 2 weeks. When I examine her I got scare because she had renal percussion positive (a sign that is sensitive for pyelonephritis) and with two weeks of evolution, I imagine that maybe she could have an abscess in her kidneys so she had to go to the hospital immediately. When I told her that she must go to the hospital, she started to cry and told me that she didn’t want to go to the hospital because she had no money and nobody could take her to the hospital, she live by herself. I felt hopeless. I ask one of the doctors what we could do for this lady, because I knew that if we just told her to go to the hospital, she wouldn’t go. We decided to give her a strong treatment (empiric treatment because a urine analysis will be expensive for her) and make the follow up next week with the doctor of the center.

Also, I have seen patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus. I send them with Dr. Codari so he could examine them and decide the best treatment for them. Also this patients had the opportunity of an echocardiogram exam and see if there was any other pathology in their heart. Luckily, most of the patients echocardiograms where normal.


Patricia Guzman MD - 

In my experience as a young doctor, I have seen little of the reality of the bad health system in my country, and this time was no exception.
In this medical campaign I was able to evaluate a large number of patients with many discomforts and the most common was chronic back pain. I also saw patients at pre hypertension stage, who really didn't know what are the actual consequences of this disease.
I had the chance to evaluate an old man who came for a widespread bone pain, without other symptoms. When I did the physical examination I found a systolic murmur and at the evaluation with the electrocardiogram an aortic stenosis was found, so we told him about his condition and referred him to the cardiologist for an appropriate treatment.
I really enjoyed this experience because we had the opportunity to help patients who, due to lack of money, can't visit a doctor. Besides, they always show a great gratitude, which is an amazing reward for all this work.

Patricia Guzman


Fiorella Vilchez Byrne

First of all I'd like to thank HWIP for giving me the oportunity of being part of such an amazing work. I really enjoyed working with the doctors and the patients. It was truly rewarding to know that there are still people who care about the forgotten ones. I learned a lot from this experience, when you work with patients you not only learn about their medical problems, but also about their lives and experiences. I'd be happy to help again when you come back to Peru. Good bless you all!

Kind regards,
Fiorella Vilchez ByrneAgradezco a HWIP por darme la oportunidad de ser parte del hermoso trabajo que realizan ayudando desinteresadamente a quienes más lo necesitan. Me encantó trabajar con los doctores, todos son personas maravillosas y el trabajo que realizan es admirable. Tener contacto con los pacientes también fue muy gratificante, no sólo se les ayuda con sus problemas médicos sino que también se aprende sobre sus vidas. Espero poder ayudar de nuevo cuando vuelvan a Perú. Dios los bendiga.

Hope our comments encourage others to help :) God bless you.

Fiorella Vilchez

Eric Miller - Mission Director - HWIP

I’ve seen, first hand, what the ravages of war can do and its impact down the line on the generations that follow.  I’ve heard firsthand accounts of the unspoken horrors that come long after as unemployed/severely underemployed former middle class families live out each day in refugee camps struggle to get on their feet. Over the last twelve years I’ve seen millions of dollars in supplies distributed, heard thousands of “thank yous,” and watched as an innumerable amount of hardened expressions melted into smiles. Year after rewarding year I traveled back to Bosnia, now a home away from home, a group of people as much family as my own here in the States.

I was well prepared for my first journey to Peru as a result of all these experiences. That’s what I thought, told myself, maybe truly believed.

Poverty is relative to ones surroundings. Lima, Peru. Like any other city it has its fair share of homeless. Walking the street almost reminded me of walking through Philadelphia, except for the fact that I could only understand half of the conversations. The outlying towns around Peru, like any other suburb are filled with people who haven’t seen doctors in years, some have never, be it for a lack of money or for the fear of modern medicine.  WAIT….just like any other suburb…..not at all. These incredibly friendly, polite and grateful people flocked to see the Doctor and Nurses we traveled with. Many, in pure amazement, received the first eco-cardiogram and marveled at the images of their heart. Recalling the nine years of Spanish classes I did my best to translate and converse as fluidly as possible to learn what was ailing them or just to listen to their overwhelming gratitude.

Thank you. Not, I deserve this. Not, this should be given to me because I am entitled to it. Not, I don’t want to see a Pediatric nurse, I want an Internist. Simply, thank you. Maybe someday we will learn to just say thank you for what we have or what others offer to give and not only for what we want.  

Hello Walter,

I don't know if you remember me, I guess you don't haha, after all you have worked with a lot of people.

My name is Giomarandrea Arcia and I'm a student from the Ricardo Palma University, I'm studying Translation and Interpretation, and I worked with you and the rest of the guys from HWIP here in Lima-Peru, you came in July, the first week, and we worked with a group of doctors in "Hogar de la Paz". You wanted us to write about our experience there and how we felt so here it is:

"Working with His Work in Progess, has been absolutly amazing, this was the first time I helped people in this way. I'm studing Translation and Interpretation and I never thought that I could use my abilities in order to help others. This group of doctors and missionaries are completly amazing. They work and help other people without receiving anything in return but the love of the ones they help. I feel absolutly bless after this experience and I have learned a lot about the amazing people I met there. Everyone of you have touched my heart and, believe me, you have changed my life and the way I see the world. I hope you can come again to Lima and I hope I can help you again in your missions. 

I hope this will help you. Say hello to the rest and let them know that I always remember you and pray for you.
Thank you for everything.

Dr. Ronald Codario, MD, FACP, FNLA

Internal Medicine (ABIM Certified)
Vascular Medicine (ABVM Certified)
Clinical Lipidology (ABCL Certified)
Clinical Hypertension Specialist (ASH Certified)
Vascular Ultrasound (ARDMS Certified)
Medical Director, Vindico Medical Education

Dr. Codario medical director to His Work in Progress  (HWIP )

Uganda 2013

Requests have reached our headquarters to assist Uganda via our "Pedals Around the World" bicycle program. However due to the complicated delivery process this approach is not a  viable solution. However, we know that bicycles can be purchased in country for a reasonable cost. Villagers know that there is work at distant locations but it is more than a days walk. this is a noble effort should you decide to assist H.W.I.P in providing for the transportation via bicycles for those who are eager to work to provide for their family. Please donate today.

Via courier we are able to supply shoes and religious articles to Uganda. These same couriers have made this plea you have just read. Know that you can help a family be self sustaining through your donation. Thank you in advance.

Walter J. Miller





Humanitarian effort to go to Bosnia
Eric Miller - Mission Director
Project Update 2016


His Work in Progress ended 2015 with a very positive 
increase in the building fund effort. Now spring is here and once again our efforts are supported by "The Charitable Exchange" via a 50% matching gift. 
I want to thank everyone for their continued support. Last year was very good and this year we need YOU!
Should you consider assisting HWIP in any way feel free to Email me at Wjmiller@hwip.org. 
Looking in to the future I envision volunteers distributing goods, medical and dental volunteers providing care on our missions. That is the vision.
Back to today, there is a need for all of us to realize the beginning is behind us and the end, well it is a long way before we reach that goal.
We are searching for committed individuals as advisers and potential board members. This team will work directly on the building project's mission's financial improvement, starting today. Many are called, few are chosen. Do  you have what it takes for a challenging and rewarding experience? The reward far outweighs any normal personal experience.
There are so many ill people in need and you can have a significant positive and direct impact on their lives.
Interested, Email wjmiller@hwip.org today.

HWIP provides new hope via Dental office and medical clinic buildings.

The Charitable Exchange:

You can help by your donations. His Work in Progress has partnered with The Charitable Exchange organization once again and that will enhance our efforts via matching funds! We are in need of funds to make this wonderful project succeed. 
The Charitable Exchange has initiated a matching fund to help HWIP's Dental, medical and operation center.
https://tce.webconnex.com/His-Work-in-Progress.    100% of your contribution goes directly toward our effort and that is added to the TCE's matching 50% fund.
HWIP is grateful to be associated with this supporting organization. HWIP is a very small organization. All proceeds go directly to the needy. Please help this truly worthy cause. You will make such a big difference and every dollar you donate will be matched thereby significantly increasing your contribution towards our goal.

 March of 2015,  HWIP traveled to Hercegovina for the ground braking and foundation construction of phase one, the dental clinic. The regions terrain consists of huge rocks and boulders making foundation construction a laboriously slow process utilizing heavy duty boulder breaking equipment. I can proudly state that the foundation is complete and now we await the necessary funding to begin the first floor. All monies previously received went directly to this building project. Just for clarification, future monies will go directly to phases two and three of the dental clinic until the clinic is completed. Then the focus will shift to the medical clinic. 
Please consider supporting this dental clinic as it is a combination community building, employment opportunity as well as a paying forward effort. Visit 
Our goal is to support the husband of a very young family and the surrounding community through his profession. He is a recent dental school graduate and is very grateful for the support your donations have provided towards the building foundation. He is naturally anxious to start his practice and to give back to the community by providing free dental service to all of the orphans in the region. A note about dental school costs. This young man had to pay for his books and therefore the costs of the education is not the same as in America. He needs to have his practice up and running if he is to provide for his young growing family.
Questions can be directed to wjmiller@hwip.org or you can leave a message at the office 215-741-4947.
We will be traveling to visit this site and the young family in October as well as Mothers Village orphanage and the families HWIP supports.
Thank you in advance.

The world of today is wrought with anxiety and uncertainty of all stripes: economic, geopolitical, ethnic, social and personal.

 After traumatic events, conflicts and economic unnatural and harmful division Bosnia and Herzegovina is still in a state

where it’s political and institutional system can achieve significant results in the area of social development and the fight against poverty.

From year to year the situation is deteriorating, and the number of poor and socially vulnerable grows by the day due to the very difficult economic situation,

 but also the effects of the global economic crisis whose tribute Bosnia and Herzegovina has to pay yet.

Unemployment consistently extremely high!

 The average number of unemployed persons (registered in the employment services) in Bosnia and Herzegovina in  March 2015 was 43.6 %. That is a slight decrease from 2013 of 44.6%. So not a significant downward change over such an extended period of time!

 The purchasing power of the BiH population decreased. Average net salaries (400 €) and pensions (150€) are lower than in the 2012 year.

 What is most disturbing is what presents the results offer no optimism for progress in this area,

moreover, provide further deterioration of the social situation especially for vulnerable groups and those at the border and below the poverty line.


Medjugorje Mir – Majcino selo has a powerful impact not only on the people that we work directly in the Mother’s village (orphans, rehab boys, vulnerable women),

 but also on the larger community as a whole.

 Last year we provided assistance to 1200 of residents; people who wouldn’t have had anywhere to turn for help.

 We are completely reliant onthe  intercession of Our Lady and charitable donations in order to continue to provide these services.

Our mission in the period ahead remains the same. We will try, as much as us whenever possible, to work intensively

on the commitment of every person in need and thereby actively promote effective Christian love.

Miljenka Majic

Mission to Bosnia - Unemployed begging for bread
  Trip to Medjugorje and this trip will be very different with unique destinations and now request for food are pouring into H.W.I.P. from Mothers Village  orphanage as well as families that live outside the village. These families learned about the H.W.I.P. effort in the region and are requesting our assistance in procuring food. They are asking for bread.
We have been working diligently to partner with food companies but with limited success. More needs to be accomplished. Will you help? Send your check to H.W.I.P., PMB 361, 668 Stony Hill Road, Yardley, Pa. 19067  or simply click on the donate button on the left side of this page. Thank you so much. Without you, our efforts would just be a dream and not a reality.Your donation is tax deductible.
Please help us so we can help them. 
Parallel efforts to provide the much-needed clothing, school supplies and the important bicycle transportation which will allow workers to travel greater distances in search of work. Do you remember the last time you were hungry? What if the refrigerator was bare? What if your children were hungry and crying for something to eat? This scenario is real and it is happening right now. There are no government subsidies, only you reading this petition can help in whatever way you can. Please click on the donate button now. Winter is rapidly approaching and we need to help. We need your help. Thank you!

Mission to Bosnia  2012
This year we had 32 great volunteers that made it through the incredible heat wave encountered, 120 degrees!
We have a daily blog that a couple from Oregon shared with us and I know you will read these experiences and want to join us next year when the temperature is much cooler. We also have two very moving stories that will provide stimulation. So please let us know your thoughts after reading these three insightful and spiritual disclosures.
Now sit back relax and enjoy the daily experiences. Simply click on the left-hand side of this page the continued 2012 mission and the links for all three stories are at the bottom of that page.
 Back From Bosnia
 Back From Bosnia

Back From Bosnia. Heightened spiritual awareness and
extending comfort levels of communicating with God are an integral part of mission work. Love is an action verb and mission work and traveling on a pilgrimage are actions that move one closer to God.
Thirty two volunteers from our parish and across the country set out
on such a mission, Catholic and non-catholic, seeking a new experience
and anticipating greater spiritual enrichment. Each trip opens new
possibilities to see, to learn, to absorb, to share, to reflect.

His Work in Progress enabled volunteers to seek God’s love, through
giving of themselves as living proof that there are people in the
world who care, and set the example of loving your neighbor even if
those neighbors are thousands of miles away.

This point was driven home by one of the Franciscans priests named
Father Svetozar Kraljevik. The topic of his discussion was "rocks". This was very appropriate since the local landscape is nothing but rocks. He used the
example of St Peter, the rock on which Christ built His Church. He pointed out how Peter was a rough rock and had to be worn down and chiseled into the rock that Christ wanted for His church. He went on to say “those that come on a pilgrimage are in the process of being worn down and shaped into the spiritual being that God wishes them to become”. It is during this breaking down of the old that creates something new. Life is a pilgrimage, not a vacation therefore, we must deal with the many rocks in our lives. He references a literal example, citing how the local children of the orphanage were clearing the endless number of rocks around a new home by the Adriatic sea.

There is an often used phrase that wherever Mary is, Satan is right behind. What you learn on a mission is that spiritual warfare exists, it is real. We walked into an unbearable heat wave of 120 degree days which can try anyone’s soul. Daily Mass, the rosary, and group prayer were our weapons of choice. To not engage in this amour is inviting total distraction and eventual individual despair from the trying conditions.

Who were some of the people we were helping…
The Entire community of the Mother’s village (orphanage, drug rehab center and home for battered women) provides for the care of 220 people.
They do not receive any help from the government and they completely rely on the donations of good people and a few organizations that recognize their work. This region remains at a very sensitive crossroads and
continues to be a bewildering mosaic of hope and despair. Increase in the price of fuel and food, low standard of living, very high unemployment rate (45%) combined with very low wages have left many families and individuals on the brink of hopelessness.

In addition, His Work in Progress reached out to a starving family proving large quantities of food that would last this family of eight
for a few months. His Work In Progress reached out to some children of varying ages that were discarded and put out onto the street by their father. We were able to buy them some food and give them advice on
surviving via Mothers village as well as discussed the possibility of helping in their education.

So what is the impact of His Work in Progress efforts you ask…

This year our two forty foot containers provided 36,000 pounds of detergent, 40 bicycles for transportation, huge quantities of winter clothing, coats and jackets as well as 700 pairs of shoes. The very young children received 1500 brand new baby clothing items thanks to
the generosity of "Red Wagon Baby" as well as diapers. His Work in Progress also provided clothing and shoes for over 100 former middle-class people still living in the small one room tin huts of the refugee camp. We were informed of another orphanage in a town call Citluk where fifty boys, sixty girls and a few dozen elderly were
under their care. His Work in Progress visited and delivered ample clothing, bicycles, and detergent for these needy people. Our medical volunteers comforted the elderly and provided the much needed personal
attention to sooth their souls.

Although on the surface the two containers look  like an abundance of supplies we understood after a conversation that the number of families
that come and seek out clothing and detergent is in the hundreds, not
individuals but families. We noticed how the supplies were quickly
dwindling during our stay for only two weeks. Hundreds of families
were alerted and waiting prior to our shipments arriving to seek out
specific clothing that fit properly. They did not take what they did
not need. I found that refreshing from the mentality often observed in

The final result was the clothing, shoes, detergent, soccer balls, and bicycles that filled two forty foot containers were distributed to those in need. New friendships were established and hopefully, the face
of Christ was witnessed by those we served through our actions. Thirty-two volunteers learned something new after visiting the refugee camp and returned with a new appreciation for the blessing that God has bestowed on them.

We need to do more but we can only provide through your help. Will you act on your desire and go to help?
Information can be obtained by Emailing wjmiller@hwip.org

Have you read our articles in the 2012 spring edition of Medjugorje Magazine and were so moved to donate to the effort (see simple acts of Kindness and Connect the Dots in our commentary section for October). His Work in Progress will travel on new missions working in Peru, Uganda and Bosnia in the coming year.

Information can be obtained by Emailing wjmiller@hwip.org or calling 215-741-4947 and leaving your contact information. Many think about helping, providing comfort, the question remains, what will you do?

W. Miller